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Asian Economic
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10 Advantages of investment in Cambdia
  • 01.The political situation is stable and the government is fully promoting economic development.

    The political situation of the Cambodian government is stable, and the government’s efforts for the country's development have changed Cambodia's new face in the region and even in the world. Political peace and macroeconomic stability have been achieved, which are crucial to investors.

  • 02.Southeast Asia fulcrum of “the Belt and Road Initiative” and core of Pan-Asian Economic Circle

    Cambodia is an important fulcrum of “the Belt and Road Initiative” inSoutheast Asia. It is located at the core location where the four centersintegration and enjoys policy and location dividends. Cambodia attracted 3.5billion US dollars of foreign direct investment in 2019, up 12% year on year.Among them, China accounts for 43% of the total foreign direct investment,becoming Cambodia's largest source of foreign capital. As of the firstquarter of 2023, Cambodia's foreign direct investment has accumulatedapproximately $46.425 billion. Among them, China is the largest source offoreign direct investment, with a cumulative investment of approximately 20.875billion US dollars, accounting for 45% of the total cumulative foreigninvestment.

  • 03.Strong economy with GDP growing at an average rate of over 7% for 9 consecutive years (As of 2019)

    Cambodia is the country with the fastest economic growth in Southeast Asia, ranking sixth in the world in terms of economic growth, outperforming the entire ASEAN. Since 2009, Cambodia is in a golden period of development. Since 2011, Cambodia has maintained an annual GDP growth rate of 7% for nine consecutive years. Cambodia's GDP per capita increased to US $1,679 in 2019 and US $1,548 in 2018. The national infrastructure has fully developed, especially for the real estate industry.

  • 04. Rich tourism resources, a paradise for backpackers in the world

    Cambodia made a total of 6.61 million international tourists in 2019. China is Cambodia's largest tourist source country, reaching 2.5 million pax. Phnom Penh, the capital, is the country's political, economic and cultural center and Cambodia's largest city, once praised by Westerners as “Asian Pearl” and “Oriental Paris”. Angkor Wat is the world's largest temple building, Cambodia's national treasure, world cultural heritage, one of the seven wonders of the world and one of the most famous scenic spots. The four coastal Provinces of Koh Kong, Preah Sihanouk, Kampot and Kep are “Stars of Southwest Cambodia”. Their coastlines were included in the members of the world's most beautiful beach club in 2011 and are known as “Crystal Seawater and Milk Powder Beach”. Angkor Wat's artistic acme, the sunset on the beaches of coastal Provinces and the cultural precipitation in Phnom Penh all attract a large number of tourists to visit.

  • 05.No estate tax on permanent property rights

    According to Cambodia’s Law on Real Estate Property Rights for Foreigners, foreigners who purchase houses above the second floor of high-rise buildings built on permanent land in Cambodia can obtain the same property title certificate as their citizens, and can lease and buy houses independently, with no limit on the number of years.

  • 06. Dollar-denominated, Asia's only dollar asset country

    Cambodia's common currencies are Riel and US dollars. Apart from using the national currency Riel for daily small payments, large assets such as real estate and vehicles are denominated and traded in US dollars. This is the only US dollar asset country in Asia and its foreign exchange is uncontrolled.

  • 07.27, the average age of the citizens enjoying a huge demographic dividend

    Cambodia is a young country in relatively low labor costs with a total population of about 16 million, a population growth rate of 4%, an average age of 27, and a population aged 35 and below accounting for 72% of the country's total population.

  • 08. Fast value-added real estate with high rate of return on investment.

    The Global Real Estate Guide once pointed out that Cambodia's real estate market has unlimited potential. In recent years, Phnom Penh's real estate market has continued to grow steadily, with an average increase of 15% in house prices, while the average rental return rate in Cambodia's core region is currently as high as 10.8%.

  • 09.Non-CRS country, world-class tax havens with no worries about the follow-up investment.

    CRS or Common Reporting Standard is used to guide participating jurisdictions to regularly exchange financial account information of tax residents, aiming at strengthening tax cooperation and improving tax transparency. Cambodia has not joined CRS, and the financial situation of foreigners in Cambodia will not be disclosed to their countries, so assets in Cambodia will not be included in the tax scope.

  • 10.Open economy to all investors

    Foreign investors have equal rights to invest in Cambodia with domestic investors.

    Cambodia does not implement foreign exchange control, allowing foreign exchange funds to enter and leave freely and US dollars to circulate freely in the market. Most industries are open to foreign investors. Cambodia is one of the countries with high economic freedom in the world.