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Smart Environmental Protection

Coastal City’s 360 square kilometers land reserved 120 square kilometers as ecological protection land, accounting for 1/3 of the total area of the project. The original ecological natural resources are abundant in the area. The test results of the Ecological Environment Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences show that the PM2.5 in the area is below 6.5, and the annual average content of negative ions is about 16000 per cm³. The water quality meets the first-class water quality requirements and the quality of the ecosystem is at the first level.

Negative oxygen ions are known as "Vitamins in the Air" and "Longevity Factors", which can effectively decompose and reduce harmful gases in the air, make people feel refreshed, relieve aging, prevent and improve respiratory diseases and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It can also lower blood pressure and regulate the body's physiological functions, where is a veritable health resort.

The project implements ecological restoration, soil improvement, and air optimization during the development process, so that the ambient air quality, surface water quality, soil quality, seawater quality, beach quality and mangrove reserve quality in the region are better than those of neighboring countries, reaching European and American standards of the highest level. Adhere to the principle of ecological priority and environmental protection use, fully preserve the natural ecological environment, and reserve animal and plant habitats.

The project focuses on tourism and vacation life, and realizes the key project functions of ecological resources and cultural tourism in the sales, operation and service of land and housing products, cultural tourism resorts, Southeast Asia health and wellness center, and entertainment resorts in the world. Demonstration model of Coastal Tourist Resort. The overall project development adopts the concept of planning first, adapts measures to local conditions, and makes full use of resource advantages to create a green, low-carbon, environmentally friendly and sustainable international ecological city. Give priority to the development of renewable resources and create low-carbon green building standards. Integrate energy-saving and emission-reduction technologies such as renewable energy utilization, water recycling and conservation, harmless disposal of garbage, green building materials, ventilation and lighting, etc., to form a comprehensive implementation plan for green buildings, effectively reducing building energy consumption and emissions.

Upgrading standards and quality, using desalination applications, three-dimensional greening technologies, carbon-neutral communities and other green technologies, and circular economy to create a green city and low-carbon living urban blueprint; resonance at the same frequency, formulating international implementations for buildings, water, and air. The environmental protection system of green energy-saving standards empowers the future development of the city with a complete ecological city index system; multi-point flowering, strengthen the construction of regional ecological environment and comprehensive management of watersheds, establish a stable regional ecological grid, promote the construction of green residential and commercial, and promote. The greening plan for sky gardens, green corridors, and ecological greenways has been implemented. The per capita green area of 70 square meters surpasses the "European Green Capital" Stockholm, allowing people to live in harmony with the building in nature.

At the same time, in order to increase protection, the "Coastal City Ecological Festival" was established, which is held on July 27 every year, with the aim of advancing the green "Belt and Road" with global ecological development. Under the same blue sky, living by the side of ocean, as the ecological environment in the region is constantly advancing in depth, Coastal City is playing an ecological and green concerto on this coast.