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        Stand in society and be courteous to the people.     


        The society, enterprises and the public all win.     


        The key to sound relations between states lies in the affinity between their people, which largely stems from mutual understanding.     

  • Environmental protection

    As a strategic emerging industry, environmental protection provides important support for protecting and improving the ecological environment and promoting green development, and is closely related to public health. At the beginning of the development of the Coastal City Project in Cambodia, Coastal City listed environmental protection as one of the purposes followed in the development of the project.

    In line with the principle of adjusting measures to local conditions and preserving the original ecology of the region to the greatest extent, Coastal City attaches great importance to the construction of environmental infrastructure in the Coastal City region, constructs smoke and dust removal, sewage treatment, garbage treatment and disposal facilities according to local conditions, and strictly controls noise and waste gas pollution. Along the Say Phouthorng  Avenue built by Coastal City, more than 10 bridges and culverts were built from the intersection of Highway 48 to Peam Kay Reservoir and Airport. Before construction, the local environmental characteristics were fully investigated to create convenient transportation while retaining the original water potential flow direction and original geographical characteristics.

    Coastal City plans and designs according to the topography and natural resources to protect the local natural features. In the process of development and construction, in order to preserve the original ecological appearance to the greatest extent, the project planning is adjusted to protect trees and the diversity of coastal organisms. Regular beach, mangrove and freshwater lake conservation activities will be organized to create an original eco-tourism destination with "visible mountains and water".

    Coastal City and all investment and construction partners in the region have clearly stipulated the environmental protection principles and clauses in the cooperation agreement. The partners must strictly abide by all environmental protection laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Cambodia and carry out construction under the requirements of relevant environmental protection laws and standards.

    For the development of building materials, Coastal City promotes the construction system of green buildings and introduces New Zealand's cold-formed thin-walled residential system. In 2019, Coastal City won the “Green Mission----Special Award for Ecological Commerce” personally issued by Prime Minister Hun Sen.

    Coastal City has always shouldered its economic, legal, ethical and charitable responsibilities to investors, communities, government and the environment. While creating jobs and promoting social development, Coastal City has also promoted the sustainable development path of modern environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, green circulation, low carbon and high efficiency.

    During the construction of the project, the pursuit of ecological planning and design, green development and construction, recycling and utilization, and the application of energy-saving and environmental protection technologies have never stopped. In addition, it has continuously explored ways to reduce energy and resource consumption in production, improve efficiency in resource utilization, speed up innovation and upgrading of green environmental protection technologies, continuously improve and promote industrial production standards, and fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of corporate citizens.

    In the future, Coastal City will be built into a green, ecological and livable modern smart city and become the leader of Cambodia's new city.
    Social responsibility
    Social responsibility

    Coastal City thinks of others rather than seeks for oneself, fully fulfills its social responsibilities, insists on delivering positive corporate energy, stands in society, and be courteous to the people. Since entering Cambodia's development, following the "Belt and Road" initiative, establishing and strengthening the interconnection relationship with Cambodia, building a comprehensive, multi-level, and composite interconnection network, and achieving diversified, independent, balanced and sustainable development along the route. In the process of development and construction, we should pay attention to the environment, humanities, and respect local customs and habits, effectively promote regional economic development, and assume responsibility for the living conditions, infrastructure and environment of the people in the region. At the same time, to explore the potential for development in the region, to enhance the people-to-people exchanges and mutual learning between the two countries’ peoples, and to share a blueprint for a harmonious, peaceful and prosperous life.

    To build a bridge of communication and mutual learning. Build infrastructure for the local area, build roads, bridges, canals, and help local people get rid of poverty and improve their quality of life. Establish a long-term mechanism for exchanges and cooperation, realize resource sharing and complementary advantages at the development level, promote the continuous expansion of the field of exchanges and cooperation, the continuous expansion of the scope, the continuous deepening of the degree, and truly build a communication bridge for bilateral exchanges and mutual learning.

    "The friendship between the nations lies in the closeness of the people, and the closeness of the people lies in the mutual connection of hearts", build a friendship bridge of cultural integration. Help people in undeveloped areas to develop education, assisting in the construction of schools, social security and medical and health facilities through charitable public welfare activities not only solves the problem of the local government’s inability to invest due to funding difficulties, but also promotes the improvement of the overall local living standards through public welfare undertakings. In addition, a series of cultural activities are carried out to promote the mutual learning of the cultures of the two countries and the exchange and sharing of young talents, to build a bond of friendship between the people and a bridge to promote mutual learning between civilizations.

    Build a development bridge of win-win cooperation. To effectively solve the employment problem of local people, in addition to increasing investment and new projects, expanding employment, the most important thing is to promote scientific arrangement of labor, strengthen vocational skills training, and improve the level of vocational skills of local people. Through technological innovation, we will reduce the possible environmental pollution caused by all links of production activities, while reducing energy consumption, saving resources, and reducing the production cost of Coastal City, thereby making product prices more competitive. Build a benign ecosystem of cooperation and win-win with the participation of the government, enterprises, society, and the people, and the all-round development of talents, technology, and industries, and build a bridge of win-win cooperation for the two countries.