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Coastal City Development Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Coastal City"), stems from the insistence on quality and the pursuit of beauty. The company will make a sincere and pragmatic contribution, and use technology and wisdom as its wings to fly in the vast sky in the future. We are convinced of the traditional cultural instruction of "Honesty and Contribution", abide by integrity, work silently with the mission of leading private enterprises, and drive forward with the vision of establishing a sample of world cities.

As a member of the implementation of the “Belt and Road” initiative, Coastal City strives to fulfill its leading role as a “going global” enterprise in the new era, achieving high standards, benefiting people’s livelihood and sustainability in development and construction; promoting in exchanges Harmony between the people and promote cultural exchanges between the two countries. At the same time, uphold the core values of "Integrity and Steady, Professional Innovation, Equality and Openness, Perseverance and Dedication", truly realize mutual consultation, co-construction and sharing, and become the creator of a better life, the model of the future city, and the pioneer of the "Belt and Road". It will gradually grow into an outstanding comprehensive operator of the world.

Taking “innovative and driving type international city operation” as the strategic position, Coastal City has carried out diversified businesses, including: tourism and vacation, based on the planning concept of urban life, the development of products according to local conditions is our responsibility to create a high-quality living environment and provide quality services for the people. Jointly cooperate with global high-quality resources to realize comprehensive development and integrated operation management of regional functions and sustainable urban development.


The Cambodia-China Investment and Development Pilot Zone, the Coastal City Tourism Resort Special Zone (hereinafter referred to as "Coastal City") is located on the southwest coast of Koh Kong Province, Cambodia. As the first city operation project of the Coastal City, it has a prominent international location and is in an important global economy’s corridor node. Coastal City has taken the lead in proposing the development concept of "DIY New Lifestyle", launched a DIY theme community full of personalized development and construction, and created a DIY new life service trading platform.

Coastal City actively promotes the cultural heritage and integration of China and Cambodia and countries along the “Belt and Road”, and cooperates with universities in China to strengthen the training of talents for international industries. Gradually expand the cultural integration with Southeast Asia, the ASEAN region, and the countries along the "Belt and Road", and promote the interaction of regional cultural exchanges in the progress of development.

Standing in society and courtesy to the people, Coastal City has a strong sense of social responsibility to promote the common development of local people, assist the local government in the construction of public infrastructure, improve the living conditions of local residents, actively create employment opportunities, and is deeply trusted and supported by the local people and has won the high recognition of Cambodian governments of all levels.

In the next 10 years, Coastal City will gather global high-quality resources to jointly create a full-dimensional urban public service supporting facilities covering education, medical and health, culture and sports, health care, commerce, entertainment, media and communications, transportation, energy, security, social welfare, etc. Driven by continuous innovation, supplemented by strong resource integration capabilities, with industry and cultural tourism as its wings, empower dream cities, safe cities, and charming cities, and contribute to regional and global economic development. The company commits to continuously creating a better life and well-being for the people, and creating a new benchmark for the new world city operators. The successively launched Stardream System products will be researched and developed from attributes such as low threshold, high yield, full-age, multi-experience, and composite type, to customize the exclusive system for a better life for customers, and move forward on the road of industrial innovation and sustainable development.