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Chairman's send word

Mengchen Li Tianjin, China

Master's degree in Economicsfrom the University of Cambridge, UK

Founder of Coastal CityDevelopment Group Co., Ltd. and currently holds the positions Chairman of UnionChengshi (Tianjin) Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd and Chairman of CoastalCity Development Group Co., Ltd.

Chairman's send word

Coastal City Development GroupCo., Ltd. actively responds to the "the Belt and Road" initiative,combines the blueprint of the ASEAN Economic Community and the specialhistorical opportunity of Cambodia's rapid economic development in recentyears, integrates three major resources: natural resources, local humanisticspirit resources and high-quality policy resources, owning two advantages ofunified planning and unified supporting management. It is committed to buildingCoastal City-Dara Sakor into an emerging green, ecological, smart andtechnological global coastal tourism destination. Focusing on the overalldevelopment goals and plans of coastal city supported by tourism, vacation, andgeneral health&care industries, we will fully exert the advantages ofresource integration and platform construction, and build an urban complex thatintegrates the advantages of ocean, land, and air transportation.

Taking charge of the giant 360KM2 area and taking "ecology, living and life" as the coredevelopment concept, Coastal City is the largest urban building project in theconstruction of the "the Belt and Road" by far. With the strongsupport of the governments of China and Cambodia, having experiencing more than10 years of development and construction, the region has now gainedinternational recognition and influence. The project is of great significanceand the common economic corridor between China and Cambodia, the pioneer inCambodia's new cities, the leader in the cultural industry between China andCambodia, and the demonstration of Cambodia's tourism industry.

On the 360 KM2land of Coastal City-Dara Sakor, innovation and reformation are taking placeevery day. Since its establishment in 2007, our company has always adhered tofulfilling social responsibilities and participating in public welfareundertaking, and continuous construction development, municipal construction,and product research and development, constant talent cultivation and teambuilding. We are well aware that the core competition of high-qualityenterprises not only relies on strong resource advantages, quality, andscientific management, but also on competition for talents and comprehensivestrength.

In the future, we will continue to adhere to ourutter innocence and move towards the ultimate goal of Coastal City-Dara Sakor: "transforming the crystalquality into the diamond quality".