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Smart Security

Coastal City creates a safe and comfortable working, living and vacation environment for residents, investors and tourists in the area. The three security and control systems of civil air defense, physical defense and technical defense are linked to establish a comprehensive security system to achieve global monitoring, timely response and effective prevention goals. In this way, the overall safety precaution capability of the city will be strengthened, the construction of the city safety system will be accelerated, and the city will be safe and happy.

Strengthen Civil Defense, Strengthen Dynamic Prevention. Strengthen the linkage between urban public security management and community public security management, establish a public security management network with police stations, strengthen regional public security management functions, improve autonomous management systems, and formulate civilized conventions. Equipped with civil air defense forces to control key parts of the area, set up police duty rooms in communities, and set up security patrols in the area. Provide value-added services such as security manpower protection services, 110 networked alarm services, temporary duty security services, various bodyguard special security services, property project security services, security monitoring installation services, security technology prevention services, etc., as an intelligent residential security protection in Cambodia, establishing a technological demonstration model, bring safety and security to Coastal City.

Implement physical defense and strengthen security hardware construction. The regional surrounding intelligent monitoring system adopts a combination of physical monitoring and video linkage, and deploys infrared detectors, access gates and other equipment in key areas; access to various alarm and detection equipment in the area for data collection and centralized analysis to achieve full HD video coverage of key areas in the region.

"Technical defense" construction. With the help of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and big data, the combination of AI + security is used to achieve the deep integration of the Sky Eye system, face recognition, smart community, smart transportation, smart alarm and other systems to establish a comprehensive security management platform for Coastal City. Realize the high-definition, all-weather, and enrichment of video capture; diversified, hierarchical, and integrated perception applications; three-dimensional, coordinated, and motorized closed-loop security system for security and control capabilities.

In the new round of technological revolution and smart city construction led by information technology represented by artificial intelligence, Coastal City’s full-maintenance security system is accelerating its development. From introduction, learning, absorption, innovation and transcendence, deep learning, New features such as cross-industry integration, human-machine collaboration, group intelligence, openness, and autonomous control will promote the development of the security industry, further improve the level of refined governance of smart cities, promote the development and upgrading of related industries, and create a world-class new, smart, safe city.