UCDG Positioning


  • With product innovation and integrity management establishes industry status

  • Results-oriented, careful attention to the processIn-depth study of methods and adjustment of work direction

  • Continuously innovate and continue to leadCreate the most cost-effective products

  • With professionalism and integritycreate value for customers

Talent Concept

Upholding the spirit of “honesty and stability, professionalism and innovation, equality and openness, persistence and devotion”, Coastal City Development Group Co., Ltd. exerts the enthusiasm and creativity of every employee, introduces and uses talents with an inclusive attitude, and stimulates and cultivates talents with a stable environment.

As a leader and pioneer of China-Cambodia Economic Corridor, New-Type City in Cambodia,  and China-Cambodia Cultural Industry and Tourist Demonstrator in Cambodia, the Dara Sakor Project, Cambodia-China Investment and Development Pilot Zone of Coastal City in Cambodia, will develop into a new livable intelligent and innovative city with diversified attributes such as coastal tourism, comprehensive vacation, leisure and entertainment, great health and wellness, comprehensive port and international airport. Coastal City creates a broad platform for people of insight and emerging talents from all walks of life to realize their dreams and go global.

  • Project Partner

    Strive in partnership and co-win the future

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  • The “Green Channel Talent Training Plan” of Coastal City

    The “Green Channel Talent Training Plan” of Coastal City cooperates with its aided schools in Cambodia to build a talent training platform, which cultivates high-quality talents with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor, and at the same time provides students with employment channels to enter Coastal City.

    1. Promote the economic and social development of China and the countries along the “the Belt and Road Initiative”, meet the needs of enterprise development, and provide various professional talents support for the development and training of enterprises.

    2. Broaden horizon, improve the comprehensive development ability, and effectively enhance students' practical ability and experience by participating in a series of activities, learning professional knowledge and training professional skills, so as to lay a foundation for their future employment.