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Coastal City Development Group Co., Ltd. ("Coastal City" for short) actively responds to the "Belt and Road" initiative, combining the blueprint of the ASEAN Economic Community and the special historical opportunities of Cambodia’s rapid economic development in recent years, fusing three quality major resources of natural resources, territorial humanistic spirit and policy resources, the two major advantages of unified planning and unified management, are committed to building Coastal City into a new green, ecological, smart, and technological global coastal tourist destination that is an important fulcrum of the "Belt and Road". Focusing on the overall development goals and development plans supported by the two major industries of tourism vacation and health wellness in coastal cities, give full play to the advantages of resource integration and platform construction, and take charge of the grand system of 360 square kilometers, with "ecology, life, and living" as the core development concept, Coastal City is the largest city-building project in volume and scale in construction along the “Belt and Road” so far. With the strong support of the Chinese and Cambodian governments, after more than 10 years of development and construction, the region now has international reputation and influence of great significance. It is the common economic corridor between China and Cambodia, the leader of new Cambodian cities, the pioneer of China-Cambodia cultural industry, and the demonstrator of Cambodian tourism industry.

The Coastal City is adjacent to the Gulf of Thailand, along the southwestern coast of the Kingdom of Cambodia, covering an area of 360 square kilometers, extending in an L-shape to two wings. The coastline is about 90 kilometers long, accounting for about one-fifth of the total coastline of Cambodia and two of the quality coastline of Cambodia. The lease term of the land is up to 2107 years, one third is protected land, and the construction land area is 234 square kilometers. The plot is about 40 kilometers long from north to south and about 6 kilometers deep; about 30 kilometers from east to west, about 4 kilometers deep. Adjacent to the 180,000 hectares national forest reserve, the project has the second largest mangrove reserve in the world. Relying on the scarce resources of 90 kilometers of high-quality coastline, combined with the Cambodian government's ten-year development plan and the Four Angles strategy, the focus is on the development of the marine economy, and it has become a new level of economic growth that drives Cambodia. The Cambodian government authorizes Coastal City as the only city operation and management party for Coastal City to connect with the government. In the future, Coastal City will become a regional air transportation hub in the trade markets of South Asia, Southeast Asia, and ASEAN, and an important shipping distribution center in the world's shipping landscape. At the same time, Coastal City will use its strong industrial integration capabilities to introduce high-end functions such as tourism and vacation, business services, and technological innovation. It will realize the most complete supporting service layout in Cambodia and even Southeast Asia, and further promote the maximization of regional operation functions and reach the goal of lowest operating prices.

1.Intelligence guides new city development of Coastal City

Taking the city as a living body, the politic-industry-research center is the brain of the city, the industry is the "organ" of the city's economic development, the transportation, management and intelligent operation system are the "skeleton" of the city, and the culture, education, training and medical care are the "soul" of the city, which form the "blood" of the urban ecosystem and the "texture" supported by the urban data system.

The brain of the city- national and regional international politic-industry-research, empowering the credible construction of the city facing the international market;

the framework of the city- intelligent transportation + smart management, empowering the development of urban smart management and intelligent operation;

The soul of the city-cultural experience + education and medical care, empowering the city's spirit shaping and talent cultivation;

The blood of the city- green and low-carbon + circular economy, empowering the sustainable development of the city's industrial economy;

The organs o the city — The high-tech development of natural resources empowers the high value-added development of the urban economy; The texture of the city — full-level customization + data technology support, empowering the iterative renewal of urban vitality.

Leading the development of cities with the concept of "Intelligence", in the context of digitization, Internet technology and big data, creating ecological livability and environmental protection in urban energy, transportation, security, medical care, culture, tourism, environmental protection, shopping, health, entertainment, etc. A digital smart city that is healthy, safe and convenient, green and low-carbon, and modern in technology. And through the online and offline integration of Coastal City's integrated APP, it will lead the integrated development of regional culture and commerce, and realize the co-prosperity and symbiosis of culture, commerce and tourism. Through panoramic navigation, travel guides, smart guides, e-ticketing, specialty stores, online shopping, points enjoyment, hotel reservations, life services, one-card travel and other functions, all the requirements of customers for vacation and life in Coastal City are met.

In the future, Coastal City will be built into a world’s city, and a world within the city will be built in it. The project will create world-style characteristic towns. Each characteristic town will integrate the architectural style, cultural landscape, food and entertainment, and characteristic experience of the country it represents, forming an exotic characteristic town. The creation of several characteristic towns will make Coastal City a global coastal tourism resort destination with unique experiences of "clothing, food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment" from all over the world, to meet tourists' dreams of traveling around the world, and to enjoy a different style of experience for every visit.

2. One house with multiple attributes, one place to purchase a property, multiple places to enjoy

Relying on the regional layout of Coastal City and the geographical advantages in Cambodia, customers can invest in holiday houses in Coastal City, and they can exchange houses of different times, locations, styles, and sizes in Coastal City. In the future, they can also realize holiday houses exchange in hot spots in the world, realizing one place to buy a house, and multiple places to vacation.

Coastal City Vacation member products will present borderless, low threshold, easy operation, strong liquidity and appreciation space... and provide such as consumption discounts, travel vacation, information consultation, health care, medical insurance, high-quality educational resources and education subsidies and other all-round member value-added services, with Coastal City’s house vacation rights, exchanged for Chinese school district houses, tourist vacation houses, business management rights and other property houses, realizing one house with multi-attribute, one house with multi-functional vacation tourism, leisure and entertainment, all-round comprehensive asset allocation for venture capital and health preservation.

In the next ten years, the cooperative port logistics, commercial trade and natural light industry will operate steadily, and initially realize the exchange of houses in global tourist resorts. Open up a broader space for regional economic development, and promote the project to move towards an ecological city, an emerging city, and a charming city.