Cambodia-China Investment and Development, known as Coastal City, taking the city as a living body, the politic-industry-research center is the brain of the city, the industry is the "organ" of the city's economic development, the transportation, management and intelligent operation system are the "skeleton" of the city, and the culture, education, training and medical care are the "soul" of the city, which form the "blood" of the urban ecosystem and the "texture" supported by the urban data system, connecting Coastal City with the world, creating “the world in the city, the city of the world.”

The brain of the city
national and regional
international politic

industry-research, empowering the credible
construction of the city facing the international market;

the framework of the city
intelligent transportation + smart management

empowering the development of urban smart management and intelligent operation;

The soul of the city
cultural experience + education and medical care

empowering the city's spirit shaping and talent cultivation;

The blood of the city
green and low-carbon + circular economy

empowering the sustainable development of the city's industrial economy

The organs o the city
The high-tech development of natural resources empowers the high value

added development of the urban economy

The texture of the city
ull-level customization + data technology support

empowering the iterative renewal of urban vitality