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    The planning of Coastal City business service supporting project focuses on and perfects the "top-level design" of the tourism structure and supporting facilities in the entire region. It is guided by ecological protection, spatial layout, resource development, industrial structure, and scientific planning, and gathers world-class commercial resources and innovation. The international full-dimensional residence model will build Asia's first ecological business travel kingdom that integrates "eating, housing, transportation, travel, shopping, and entertainment".

    Building public management and public service supporting facilities covering visitor centers, road traffic management centers, government affairs agencies (taxation, customs, tourism departments, etc.), global security management centers, general hospitals, etc. Establish a one-stop business service system shared by individuals, enterprises, and governments.

    Focusing on internationally well-known brands, high-level and high-quality business service standards, the overall presentation of tiered construction and phased landing. Relying on the natural ecological landscape with aesthetic value, cultural value, scientific research value and ecological resource and recreational value in the area, develop and construct more than 20 types of commercial supporting systems such as marine recreational sports, comprehensive competitive sports, health preservation, modern culture and art, high-end business clubs, golf clubs, and occupations, training bases, outlets, commercial complex blocks, international branded food courts, warehouse-style shopping malls, etc., demonstrating the innovative business model leading the world. The inclusive and coordinated development of business and travel will form a new potential depression for Southeast Asia's cultural and tourism industry platform and wealth growth space.


    Bringing the world's leading outlet concept to Coastal City, gathering shopping, leisure, entertainment, catering, tourism and other multi-dimensional commercial entities, creating an outlet shopping plaza with the theme of Southeast Asian garden style. Comfortable and spacious shopping space, discount brand authentic products from all over the world, allowing tourists from all over the world to easily synchronize with international fashion life, and give all consumers a stylish and perfect shopping experience.

    Commercial comprehensive block

    A large area of ecological landscape and a contextual, experiential, and introductory design full of entertainment and leisure will be built into a lively and pleasant commercial streetscape against the backdrop of urban hustle and bustle. Integrating the trend of world metropolises such as fashionable food, trendy sports, leisure and entertainment districts, it takes high-end, fashion and exquisiteness as the conception, responds to the most advanced contemporary open block design, synchronizes the world's commercial trends, and becomes a place for people to live and sojourn in the Coastal City where is one of the preferred places to relax.

    International Brand Food Street

    It seamlessly connects international gourmet brands, imported supermarkets, and Michelin restaurants, and integrates cuisines from China, Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Japan, Korea and other countries to create a food confluence without borders. Life is in sync with the world, and you can experience the world's best "staying" leisure consumption at your doorstep. Whether it is international cuisine, fresh seafood, Southeast Asian specialty snacks, snack foods, high-end tobacco and alcohol... we strive to bring the bliss food experience to the consumers of Coastal City.

    Warehouse style shopping center

    With warehouse shopping as the core, E-commerce and experiential blocks as the two wings, we will create a new generation of O2O model factory direct purchase platform. Establish cooperative relations with the headquarters and factories of domestic first and second-level brands to reduce intermediate circulation links and ensure direct supply from manufacturers, brand authentic products, and low prices. connecting online and offline and logistics distribution channels have realized the coordinated development of multi-format retail models, covering all clothing and luggage categories such as shoes, bags, clothing, and hats. The all-inclusive shopping enjoyment brings unlimited commercial fusion.

    Wedding photography base

    Set up shooting bases such as the Diamond Bay shooting area, the dazzling star sea shooting area, the mangrove shooting area, the forest park shooting area, the characteristic tropical scene studio, the Khmer cultural square, the world city, etc., which gather trend, retro, creative, customized travel shooting, etc. This kind of wedding photography elements integrates tourism, accommodation, banquet and other resources in the resort area, and provides all-round, three-dimensional and personalized wedding services such as wedding photography, wedding banquets, honeymoon trips, and hotel accommodations for newlyweds. Gradually promote the construction of a photography cultural industry base, build a high-end photography talent training base, and create a photography maker incubation base, etc., to promote the rapid development of the Coastal City wedding photography cultural industry.

    Bird's Nest Garden

    Relying on the good investment and business environment of Coastal City Tourist Resort Special Zone, focusing on the standardization of the bird's nest industry and the industrial chain, covering artificial breeding, wool bird's nest import, processing and finished product import and export, bird's nest and its finished products exhibition and domestic sales. The establishment of a bird's nest trading center, a bird's nest processing center, a bird's nest testing center, and a bird's nest storage and logistics center. With strong integrated resources and strong support from government policies, it will become the world's largest bird's nest brand incubation base and bird's nest trading market.

    Mangrove Sightseeing Area

    Coastal City Mangrove Eco-tourism Area is based on the second largest mangrove reserve in the world. It is a landmark attraction with rich coastal wetland style in Cambodia. It is connected with the 90-kilometer coastline of Coastal City. The entire mangrove forest covers an area of about 47.74 square kilometers and consists of three parts: a large mangrove forest, a small mangrove forest, and a mangrove sightseeing area. The waterfront recreation area, kayaking area, mangrove coastal ecological park, ecological wetland, and mangrove cultural scenery are planned. The tourist functional areas have been developed into the world’s largest mangrove ecological sightseeing area.

    Hostel Featured Village

    On the basis of Cambodian local culture and Coastal City culture, more accurate themes are subdivided for different consumer groups to achieve unique and personalized customization, such as meditation themes, mangrove themes, intangible cultural heritage and other hostel features The village allows consumers to immerse themselves in the scene, touch the pulse of local culture, and leave a graduated experience memory. At the same time, it presents a continuously superimposed and updated business ecology, such as hostel infrastructure, hostel catering, hostel security, hostel creativity, hostel operation management, homestay shooting, hostel pension and other hostel industry clusters.

    General Health&Care

    Taking the General Health&Care industry as the engine, combining general hospitals, international medical institutions, expert management agencies, professional health guidance agencies, functional comprehensive health centers (SPA, yoga, Chinese medicine, tea zen, etc.), mineral hot spring spas, high-end beauty fitness center and other supporting facilities create the world's most advanced health care system with themes of medical rehabilitation, medical care, rehabilitation physiotherapy, private customization, and spiritual therapy.

    International Public School

    Introduce a British-style high-quality education system, connect with the world's top 100-year-old schools, build international top schools, realize one-stop direct education for students in the region, and create the "cradle of elites" in Southeast Asia. At the same time, the introduction of investment and cooperation from well-known international educational institutions, for-profit tourism service project training, etc., to establish high-level, professional and international hotel service training, tour guide training, translation training, transportation driving training, sports fitness training guidance, health care skill training and other training systems to create the city image of Coastal City Education Capital.

    Golf Club

      With a deep experience of aristocratic celebrities’ holiday gameplay, you can enjoy the low-key and exquisite aristocratic life in the picturesque scenery. It has two 18-hole golf courses of international competition standards (one of which is Cambodia’s only coastal lighting course, and one is Cambodia’s only mountainous area. court). After swinging to the sea on the world's top golf courses, staying in the top holiday estates near the golf courses has become a good place for Cambodia to watch exciting international events and leisure entertainment.

    Buddhism Garden

    Make full use of the high-quality coastal resources and unique natural landscape resources of the Coastal City to create the largest and most Buddhist cultural tourism project in Southeast Asia and even the world Buddhism Garden. Construct the world’s largest “Golden Buddha”, and use “big Buddha to drive small Buddhas” to form an aggregation of ten thousand Buddhas; gather world-wide Buddhist statues, temple buildings, pagodas, and Buddhist landscape gardens to form different sects and different Buddhist temples, becoming the gathering place for the most prosperous temples in Cambodia and Southeast Asia.

    Marine Entertainment Center

    Adhering to the development concept of "integration of industry and city, symbiosis of scenery and city, and sharing between host and guest", we will create marine sports projects covering sea flying fish, water flying dragon, dynamic airship, banana boat, seaplane, etc.; sea fishing, diving, submarine and other maritime special projects; carry out professional or semi-professional events such as sailing, kayaking, and dragon boat races. Equipped with large-scale entertainment facilities such as marine stage show, marine light show, marine music fountain, marine cinema; featured boutique marine resorts, beach luxury bars, seafood and fruit markets, marine sports product stores and other special projects supporting facilities to establish marine entertainment centers covering Southeast Asia.

    Comprehensive competitive sports

      Popular aviation sports, led by hot air balloons, including hiking, greenway cycling, RV camps, tent camps, horseback hiking and other types of fashionable sports, covering 3D golf, 3D polo, various VR/AR sports experiences, etc. A new type of smart sports and entertainment project will expand to multiple levels and diversification, open the dialogue between urban commerce and sports, and create a comprehensive sports center that radiates Southeast Asia and the world.

  • Chhne Dara Chan Business Park

    As the new flagship of coastal commerce in Southeast Asia, the open panoramic business park embodies the perfect combination of nature and city. Featuring immersive eco-business experience, you can enjoy delicious food every minute. Moreover, the Park consists of rich business formats experience such as leisure, entertainment, catering, retail, bars, spas, supermarkets and cinemas. You can enjoy the ecology and your life here. Stardream Coast Commercial Park is waiting for you wholeheartedly all day long.

  • Stardream Lake Fashion Commercial Street

    With history of thousand years, Cambodian culture have influenced every grain of sand, and time created a travel legend. The extreme seascape is compatible with the style of the cultural tourism town, creating the most dynamic business gathering place along the coast. The open and dynamic neighborhood gathers multiple formats such as internet celebrity food, leisure creativity, famous products and special entertainment. The cultural tourism town in Stardream Lake serves you wholeheartedly.

  • Stardream Navigation Town

    Lying on the top-level coastline of Southeast Asia, the Navigation Town with quiet and beautiful private beaches, yacht docks, top entertainment clubs, private clubs and other high-quality supporting facilities, invites you to experience the international vigorous bar district, high-end dining Michelin restaurants and other luxury enjoyments, at the same time provide you with the world's top leisure vacation, social networking, cultural entertainment and other intimate and noble experience.