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  • Concept on Integrating Education
    Industry-University-Research Integration Strategy

    Cambodia-China Investment and Development Pilot Zone, as the largest city-construction project in the “Belt and Road” initiative so far, has been supported by the two governments and the policies. As we always strive to repay society with our own efforts, after careful consideration, we chose the cultural and educational undertakings that will make great contributions to the future.

    Cooperated with colleges and universities, we take cultural and vocational and technical exchanges as an opportunity to build a platform for vocational, technical, and language majors in China. We help the learners not be limit themselves to books and videos, but go out and see the world, connect the input with the output, and truly master a technology, learn a culture, and enter the world. Then, the students will learn how to apply what they have learned and repay the country.

    With the help of the Cambodian Embassy in PRC, Cambodia-China Cultural Communication Center at Tianjin, Tianjin Business Center of the Kingdom of Cambodia and the platform of other project entities, we organize cultural exchanges and interactions between teachers and students of the two countries.

    Building Bases for Integration of Industry, University and Research

    In line with the policy of improving vocational education and training system, deepening the integration of industry and education and school-enterprise cooperation, enterprises take entities as capital, take root in the land of motherland, and establish bases for cooperation among industry, university and research, providing more practical opportunities for college students to help them better enter the society.

    Exchange student

    Excellent students from vocational and technical colleges, and majors of Cambodian language at undergraduate level can go to Cambodia for exchange.


    Excellent students who major in vocational technology and Cambodian at undergraduate level are given priority to get internship in Cambodian projects.

    Job opportunities

    Graduates with good grades will be given priority to work in Cambodia.

    Building platforms

    We strive to build a national platform for vocational and technical colleges, and Cambodian language programs in colleges and universities to exchange their views and broaden their horizons.

    Building schools in cooperation

    We will set up language and vocational skills training schools in Cambodia to help cultivate talents of language and techniques in Cambodia.

    Joint labs

    We will construct the industry and discipline laboratories, in which cooperation among government, schools and enterprises are made to jointly formulate policies, standards and provide technical training for related industries.

    • Education and training
      Research center of product-politic-university-research

      High-quality human cultural environmentTop excellent education resources to create a famous education city

      In urban planning, priority is given to planning education; in the transformation of urban functions, priority is given to upgrading education. Gathering the world’s top educational and cultural resources, providing students with a rich learning experience from all-dimensional fields such as architecture, art, language, folklore, and academia, building a talent highland and think tank benchmark for China-Cambodia, China-Southeast Asia, and eventually becoming a study abroad popular preferred country.

      Coastal City adheres to the priority of education development, increases investment in education, and strives to create a business card for the coordinated development of urban civilization; adheres to the concept that investing in education is investing in the future, and comprehensively improves the level of the education industry. In urban planning, priority is given to planning education; in urban development, priority is given to supporting education; in urban function transformation, priority is given to upgrading education. In the future, Coastal city will become a talent highland and a benchmark for think tanks in Cambodia and Southeast Asia, leading the development of high-tech industries, encouraging innovative mechanisms, and presenting unlimited possibilities.

      Cooperative school innovation modelIntroduce international brands and cultivate all-dimensional talents

      Coastal City adheres to the educational principle of "Every child is outstanding", organically integrates diversified courses, develops education in an all-round way, cultivates all-dimensional talents, and cultivates students with high EQ, creativity, teamwork and leadership of successful people. In terms of teaching environment, teachers, supporting software and hardware, and educational resources, Coastal City has reached the world's advanced level.

      In terms of teaching mode, bilingual teaching allows students to adapt to the teaching environment even if their English foundation is weak; the all-English preparatory course and teaching system allow students to directly learn and be exposed to international teaching content and education models. Unique curriculum, suitable for children’s bilingual environment and teaching mode, expand children’s thinking, enable them to have a strong international learning vision, and also provide profound and pioneering learning methods, becoming a way of "Golden Springboard" to help students gain access to famous international schools.

      Students can improve their professional scores and strengthen their language skills by taking preparatory courses at Coastal City International Language School. Professionally interpret the application policies of universities in various countries, improve entrance examination scores, provide one-stop services such as school selection-application-registration-document preparation-interview guidance-application status tracking, and assist students in applying for the United States, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, etc. High-quality and established national schools for studying abroad. In addition, Coastal City regularly cooperates with prestigious schools, organizes study tours in various countries, in-depth experience of prestigious schools, gains a world view through the world, pays attention to the cultivation of students' comprehensive ability, organizes activities such as natural environmental protection, artificial intelligence, speech contests, and creates opportunities to display their talents, adding chips to application.

      Coastal City shoulders the important responsibility of personal, family, social, and national progress. Through continuous exploration of innovative models of cooperative school running, it has effectively solved the education problems of children of the residents of Coastal City. At this stage, Coastal City has planned to introduce a high-quality education system, and will build a top international school to provide students with Chinese-English fusion education in an immersive language environment. The education system includes all stages of learning from pre-school education to higher education. It will be implemented for 12 years. Education system, 6 years of primary education, 6 years of secondary education, to achieve one-stop direct education. In the future, Coastal City will connect with the world's top 100-year-old schools and create a "cradle of elites". Instructors will guide the development of students' academic, moral and social skills, and help attract international talents, and talents and education will complement each other.


      Combined with various standards formulated by the R&D center, industrial technical training rules are formulated to enhance the professional level of applied technology of Cambodian and train professionals in various industries.



      • university and enterprise production-study-research
        Leader of cooperation between university and enterprise in production-study-research

        Cultivation of language and vocational talents

        Production-University-Research Cooperation Base: Cooperate with Tianjin Foreign Studies University, Tianjin Sino-German University of Applied Sciences, Yunnan Vocational College of Tourism and Yunnan Honghe University to establish internship bases for domestic and Cambodian students to continuously cultivate Khmer language and vocational and technical talents to fill the market gap .

        Training center "China-ASEAN Tourism Talent Training Base Cambodia Training Center" was established

        training center "China-ASEAN Tourism Talent Training Base Cambodia Training Center" was established with Yunnan Vocational College of Tourism. The first class started in November 2018

        China-Cambodia Culture Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

        With the Co-operation of Honghe University, we will promote the integration and development of cultural and tourism industries, the consumption of culture and tourism, the cooperation of creative design industry, and the training of international industrial talents.

        Leader in Cultural Exchanges Between China and Cambodia

        Cambodia Business Center in Tianjin and Cambodia Cultural Art Collection-Union 1902 International Cultural Communication Center/National University Alliance Platform of Cambodian Language

        Enterprises take the lead in supporting a major set by universities-Cambodian major of Tianjin Foreign Studies University

        The Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia officially authorized us to operate exclusively in China: CHINA READY WeChat public platform of the Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia

        Cultural Exchanges

        With the help of Cambodian Embassy in China, Cambodia-China Cultural Communication Center in Tianjin, Tianjin Business Center of the Kingdom of Cambodia, and the project entity platforms, we organize cultural exchanges and interactions between teachers and students of the two countries.

        Achievements in Education and Cultural Exchanges

        March 2018

        Invited to participate in the “Mekong Activity Week” hosted by Tianjin Sino-German University of Applied Sciences.

        April 2018

        Hosted by our group, we invite leaders, teachers, Cambodian students and Cambodian language students from Tianjin Foreign Studies University and Tianjin Sino-German University of Applied Sciences to participate in the “Cambodian New Year Exchange Activities” to create a cultural exchange platform.

        September 2018

        The 15th China-ASEAN Expo

        We signed the “School-Enterprise Cooperation Agreement for Industrial Research” with the International School of Yunnan Honghe University

        Co-hosted with Tianjin Sino-German University of Applied Sciences, we held Cambodia-China Love Exchanges to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Cambodia and China.

        December 2018

        Officials from Cambodian Ministry of Tourism lead outstanding student representatives from Royal University of Phnom Penh visited and studied in Phnom Penh Exhibition Hall of Union Group

        July 2019

        The first batch of interns from Yunnan Tourism Vocational College went to the Dara Sakor Project of Union Group for internship.

        September 2019

        Taking the opportunity of “Chinese and Cambodian cultures learn from each other and deepen exchanges and cooperation between university and enterprise”, Union Group & Honghe University jointly held the first autumn camp for cultural exchanges between China and Cambodia.

        November 2019

        Meikong Cooperation Expo

        We signed a cooperation agreement with Yunnan Honghe University to jointly build the “China-Cambodia Cultural Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center”.

        Representatives of outstanding college students from Honghe University participated in the Meikong Cooperation Expo as volunteers and became part of the beautiful landscape of the exhibition.

        Jan 2021

        Coastal City Development Group Co., Ltd. signedthe "Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement" with Guilin Instituteof Tourism.

        Secretaryof State of Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts of Cambodia, H.E. Som Sokun,Secretary of State of Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia, H.E. Chea Bora, Directorof Industry Development Department of Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Culture andTourism, Mr. Zhu Yihai, Vice Director of International Exchanges &Cooperation Division, Department of Cultural and Tourism of Guanxi ZhuangAutonomous Region, Ms. Tan Juan have witnessed the signing ceremony.

        The form of "Online conference + Cloudsigning" was adopted for the first time to create a new chapter of culturetogether with data and intelligence, opening up a new mode of Coastal Cityinternational government-industry-university-research cooperation.

        April 2021

        Coastal City Development Group Co., Ltd. andNankai University School of Tourism and Service signed the "ComprehensiveCooperation Strategic Agreement"

        April 2021

        Coastal City Development Group Co., Ltd. signedthe "School-Enterprise Cooperation Framework Agreement" with TianjinModern Vocational and Technical College

        Achievements of school-enterprise cooperation with Yunnan Tourism Vocational College

        January 2018

        H.E. Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism of the Kingdom of Cambodia discussed with Yunnan Provincial Government, Yunnan Tourism Development Committee, Yunnan Tourism Vocational College and Yunnan Expo Group to promote cooperation in tourism industry like training of tourism talents, and opening of Cambodia National Tourism Institute in Cambodia.

        June 2018

        Chea Bora, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia, witnessed the signing ceremony of Union Group and Yunnan Tourism Vocational College for the University-Enterprise Cooperation Agreement

        September 2018

        The 15th China-ASEAN Expo

        October 2018

        Li Hongzhong, Tianjin Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), and Chea Bora, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia witnessed the signing of Cooperation Agreement for Cambodia Training Center of “China-ASEAN Tourism Talent Education and Training Base”.

        November 2018

        His Excellency PAK SOKHOM, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Tourism

        Mr. MEAN VANDET, Director of the Education and Training Department of the Ministry of Tourism

        China-ASEAN tourism talents education training base

        Cambodian training center completed in Dara Sakor, Cambodia

        The first training course started successfully

        Pioneer of University-Enterprise Cooperation in Industry, Education and Research

        Linking with colleges and universities, taking cultural and vocational and technical exchanges as an opportunity to build a platform for foreign language majors and tourism majors in China. Let learning not be limited to books, textbooks and video materials, let students "go out and see the world", realize the closed loop of learning from input to output, and truly "master a technology, learn a country's culture, and enter a world" to apply what they have learned and repay the country.