GReat health
一、Health Town

Health Town, taking the great health industry as an engine, vertically extends such three major industrial subcategories as health research, healthy products and health learning in the industrial chain; the town horizontally, integrates six service industries of health, education, tourism, culture, sports, and senior care to form a modern service cluster. At the same time, this industrial cluster will penetrate into all levels of regional development, so as to build a comprehensive and integrated healthy lifestyle for community residents and foreign consumers and improve people’s life quality and happiness. It is divided into the following three groups:

  • Forest Vegetation Healthcare Cluster

  • Coastal Lake Healthcare Cluster

  • Country Healthcare Cluster

Forest Vegetation Healthcare Cluster

Relying on the high-quality forest resource at Dara Sakor, the Cluster combines the modern medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, and match with corresponding health care and leisure facilities to enrich the recreation experience, to create a forest health care and holiday tourism product with the main purposes of improving physical and mental health, health care, and senior care.

Coastal Lake Healthcare Cluster

Human beings are generally loving water, as lakes, wetlands, ocean and other water resources have the values of recreating, cleaning air and regulating climate. This cluster relies on the marine resources and lake resources at Dara Sakor, and combines with medical resources to realize the integration of health culture and water culture.

Country Healthcare Cluster

This cluster offers you a chance to live in rural and pastoral areas, and return to a healthy holiday with nature, enjoyment, self-cultivation, leisure, and life care. We always focus on the combination of countryside, nature with rural areas, with modern aesthetic, to realize a healthy holiday tourism product with the theme of pastoral return.

二、Health Care

Different grades and various specialized hospitals will be built in the area to improve the level of medical technology and solve the worries of residents and tourists. Equipped with 1 large general hospital (500-800 beds), 3-4 medium general and specialized hospitals (200-500 beds), and 8-10 community hospitals (50-100 beds) to meet the needs of residents and tourists in the area. The demand in the medical and health field also serves as an important supporting escort for the health care industry.

As the second home of members overseas, Coastal City will provide members, residents and tourists with various health care services, such as health check-ups, medical examinations, medical beauty, and mental health, health consultation, private doctor, remote consultation, etc. after the completion of general hospital. Gradually realize the sharing of medical resources in the region, and further enhance the basic service capabilities. In addition, Coastal City members can also exchange for corresponding health services every year with their membership levels and points to protect their physical and mental health, obtain high-quality health services and enjoy the elder life in Coastal City, build an Internet hospital, and use remote diagnosis and treatment in real time, completing the online assistance work enables timely diagnosis and treatment of diseases, which not only saves treatment costs, but also provides convenience for medical treatment.

The general health regimen is a dynamic establishment process. Only in progress and never completed, the holiday industry is the highlight, the concept of health regimen, and the development of resort real estate as the leading form of a health regimen, so that tourists can "like locals", and build Coastal City into a tourism transformation and upgrading cluster in Cambodia and even Southeast Asia, and use multiple media to promote it, making it an influential international health and wellness tourism destination.