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    The North 11°, a mysterious and peculiar latitude in the world, features the unique DNA of cultural tourism. Under the interaction of natural resources and artificial cultural tourism, the new cultural tourism has been endowed with more meanings and new styles of play. Cultural tourism industry is showing a new trend of integration, living, classification, IP and intelligence. Coastal City covers such four major themes as cultural tourism, vacation, leisure, and great health. It creates seven diversified, unitized and experiential cultural tourism dreams like Original dream, Praying dream, Chasing dream, Poetry dream, Creating dream, Sports dream, Nature dream. In this way, it makes a new interpretation of the future direction of the world cultural tourism, and constructs the largest coastal “Maritime Silk Road” of cultural tourism in “The Belt and Road” Initiative.

    Tourism supporting facilities currently presented

    Milk powder beach- beach sports, beach entertainment, off-road vehicles, lazy beach, etc.

    Crystal seawater- beaches, motorboats, sailboats, windsurfing, snorkeling, deep submergence, sea fishing, etc.

    Golf- Coastal golf course, mountain golf course, golf driving range

    Mangrove travelling area- mangrove science exploration, mangrove cruise, mangrove kayaking, etc.

    Leisure and entertainment-catering, leisure activities, casinos, etc.

    Tourism supporting facilities to be built in the future

    ①To build a world city, integrate the characteristic experience of "clothing, food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping, and entertainment" from all over the world, feel the world style experience, and realize the dream of traveling around the world;

    ②The Coastal Film-TV-Song Base that integrates the National Theater, the Grand Performing Arts Center, the Coastal City Academy of Film Arts and Sciences, and the International Music Festival;

    ③Create a cultural tourism consumption gathering area dominated by night travel economy, large theme parks, and Buddhist culture, and combine Southeast Asian culture and Cambodian cultural heritage to form local characteristics to meet the cultural needs of tourists;

    ④ Establish an international cultural and tourism complex covering cycling, golf, half marathon and other events, and create a diversified sports park and high-performance recreation club, which is a paradise for sports enthusiasts;

    ⑤Introduce a full-scale cultural and tourism experience project for water entertainment projects, underwater entertainment projects, high-altitude entertainment projects, and terrestrial entertainment projects to provide tourists with a better spiritual habitat and create a "second life" that integrates sports, passion and sweat.

    ⑥ Start going to the wild and enter the natural outdoor sports and entertainment projects, covering outdoor camping, real CS, real gun shooting range, gliding, parachuting, hot air ballooning and other activities, integrating sports, health, culture, and tourism organically to create a distribution center for outdoor sports events , a must-pass place for tourism and leisure, and a sports and cultural display place.